Subjects Offered:

- Hindi

- Marathi

-And now also learn- ENGLISH!



Levels Taught:

- Basic

- Intermediate

Ages- 7 & up



The Hindi academy has taught/tutored students of all ages.


Teaching the Hindi Language since 2014 till current to ages 7 and up, in groups and individuals of varied educational and professional backgrounds in the U.S. and affiliated to ACTFL. Also, this year we have reached the milestone of completing a 1000 LESSONS ONLINE! Learn traditional Hindi from highly authentic resources and learn conversational Hindi, common Hindi sentences that connects to you to your routine life. Focus on all the 4 skills of the language. Choose between conversational Hindi, traditional Hindi, or both. The language acquisition is made simple, easy, fun, interesting, and spontaneous through varied and multiple activities. "Book Now," the lessons that you enjoy and that fit you. PUT AN END to your concerns, worries, struggles, and confusion of whether it is "Mae aur Mujhae", "Hai aur Hoon", "Thaa aur Thae." Through these lessons get to the roots and fundamentals of CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS. Our lessons will help you clarify the basic concepts of Hindi, so you can speak FLUENTLY and CORRECTLY with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE!

Our classes teach you how to speak, read and write Hindi fluently. Contact us if you have more questions about our courses!

Phone number- 443-275-8373